Discover how to run a charity raffle that keeps donors playing time and time again

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When done right, a charity raffle can result in a multitude of benefits for your organisation. Complete the form for a free consultation to support you to: 

  • maximise your charity’s income generation 
  • encourage your existing donors to become even more invested in your cause 
  • attract a whole host of new and diverse donors 
  • tick all the compliance boxes
  • provide measurable results to implement within your future campaigns

- plus more.

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Why a charity raffle?

A charity raffle offers a truly fun and joyful giving experience for your supporter base. As well as appealing to a large cross-section of your existing donors, they are also a great way to bring new supporters on board! 

Make the most of our expertise

As with any fundraising programme, a raffle needs ongoing strategic consideration to make it really work for you. Our guide includes everything you need to know how to run a charity raffle, make it a success and get players coming back time and time again! 

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With you all the way

Our experts at Woods Valldata will act as an extension of your team, managing all the administrative elements of your raffle and infusing your campaign with our expert knowledge so you can focus on growing your supporter base, increasing player value and maximising income for your cause.


Supporting you

We know that choosing to partner with a third-party agency can be a big leap for charities; but rest assured, whether you already have a charity raffle in the works, or you’ve only recently decided to launch one, we’ll be right by your side with the ideal solution for your organisation. 

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Natalie Allen

Direct Marketing Manager – Prize Led

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“Woods Valldata have been helpful with the implementation and innovation behind our Golden ticket incentive, which has grown from strength to strength over the last few years.”

Catherine Barry

Direct Marketing Manager
St. John Ambulance

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“We knew we would be in safe hands with Woods Valldata. I’d worked with them before and never had any issues. The best thing is having everything in one place… We’re just so relieved to be with Woods Valldata and would recommend them to anyone.”