Woods Valldata is continuing to monitor the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19, whilst we do not foresee any immediate impact to Woods Valldata services, we wanted to provide some detail regarding the measures we are taking.

By and large we have split the business into two groups, those whose job allows them to work at home and those whose job requires them to be at the office.

For those staff that can work at home, this will begin happening on 17th March.

All equipment and associated technical infrastructure is in place to allow this to happen and will not impact our ability to service clients. Those departments will be IT, Account Management and other admin support functions.

Please continue to contact the teams as you do now using the same methods, there is no change to our service.

It will also be business as usual for staff who need to be at the building to complete their work such as staff working machinery, staff handling supporter returns, supporter services staff and some IT infrastructure staff.

Those staff will come to work as normal enabling all client work to continue.

As a precaution and in keeping with Government advice, we will have no further face to face client meetings until further notice. Conference call or video calls can take place where required.

I am confident that as a business we are well placed to deal with this difficult situation and that we have placed the health and safety of our teams as well as the needs to service our clients as absolute priorities.

We will continue to keep you updated with any changes to our plans.


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