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The key to effective supporter journeys

(Spoiler alert: it’s all about the relevance of the message and the channel mix)

How can we increase the relevance of our supporter journeys and build lasting value?

As the implications of the pandemic continue to shape daily life for donors and fundraisers alike, the adoption of digital platforms and tools have skyrocketed.

We’re turning to digital channels for entertainment, information, and communication… your supporters are naturally no different. They are dedicating more and more of their time to online activity, as well as making use of applications such as Zoom and Teams.

The new ‘normal’ has accelerated the need for innovation and agility in your fundraising. So how do you harness freshly emerging opportunities, safeguard retention, and boost acquisition… where should you begin?

Three recent reports released by the IoF and the Royal Mail provided compelling insights regarding the new fundraising climate. In this piece, we take a look at how you can apply these insights to optimise your supporter journeys and take on the challenges ahead.

Segmentation and innovation

Reaching the right people, with the right content at the right time has never been so important. Here’s why:

  • The number of households who give has fallen in recent years, whilst the amount they give has risen.

According to the IoF report Reframing the Ask – trends which will shape giving and fundraising post-COVID19, “household spending is highest in households whose head is self-employed or employed full-time: per person spending is highest among the retired”.

Additionally, “There has been a real-term increase in the value of average house-hold donations over time from £8.48 per donor household per week in 2000 to £13.16 in 2018.”

By focusing on people who are able and willing to give, communicating in the right way, and asking for the right amount, you strengthen your chances of success and, ultimately, the cost efficiency of your fundraising strategy.

  • People are looking for more relevant communications throughout their supporter journey.

If you can, make providing feedback as pain-free as possible for your supporters, offering surveys and preference questionnaires that are designed to appeal. Donor insights are gold dust: they enable you to understand your audience more profoundly so you can shape relevant messaging that inspires action.

Ideally, this messaging will be put to work across multiple platforms and products – both traditional and digital. By carefully planning, targeted messaging and integrating donor experiences on- and off-line, you ensure each step in the supporter journey is marked by exceptional stewardship. The result? Donors feel engaged and appreciated at every touchpoint.

The power of a multi-channel approach

According to Royal Mail reports Neuroscience & the Value of Mail and Boosting Acquisition with Mail:

  • 88% of UK adults are online
  • The average internet user spends 24 hours (or one day per week) online
  • The human attention span is decreasing by 88% a year
  • The cost of acquisition has surged by 50% in the last five years

As digital consumption grows and supporters become more challenging to engage, it’s increasingly beneficial for charities to embrace a mix of digital and traditional channels, reaching supporters via a range of mediums.

Studies carried out by the Royal Mail bear this out, linking collaborations between print and digital with improved rates of supporter response and action – across all age groups.

For example, an online ad preceded by mail will achieve long-term memory encoding that is 44% stronger. Memorable communications heighten your visibility and drive decisions, which explains why 31% of advertising mail triggers actions such as going online or making a purchase. When you’re looking to optimise your supporter journeys and generate revenue, these are highly compelling figures to consider.

A multi-channel approach goes hand in hand with supporter segmentation: online ads, campaigns, and traditional mailings can be personalised, tested, and tailored to provide supporters with the best experience.

Virtual events are going from strength to strength, so we recommend taking the pain away from volunteering and donating by incorporating elements such as sign up pages, petition forms, flexible payments, and direct debits within your online channels and still support the activity with printed packs. Supporters can then be thanked and kept up to date with your activities via non-transactional content such as video shout-outs, personalised mailings, guides, newsletters and blog posts.

Going forward

While digital channels are increasing in importance, direct mail continues to provide supporters with experiences that deliver a tangible exchange of value, telling a story and driving action.

By adopting a segmented, multi-channel strategy, you ensure your communications are visible, relevant, and engaging throughout your supporter journeys, so you can take on the new fundraising climate with confidence.

Want to read more? check out this Blog from Royal Mail Market Reach.

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