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A new chapter for Steve Hubbard

A new chapter for Steve Hubbard, Supporter Relationship Manager at Macmillan

Steve Hubbard, who was responsible for the contract management between Woods Valldata and Macmillan for nearly a decade, is embarking on a new chapter as he says a fond farewell to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Steve Hubbard standing in a living room, wearing a red jumper, black trousers and brown shoes. In the room is a fireplace with Christmas cards, a sofa and mirror.

Steve's legacy

In his first year at Macmillan, Steve orchestrated savings exceeding £0.5m through a mixture of strategic procurement and cultivating robust partnerships—a testament to his exceptional expertise. And this culture of open communication with supplier partners and stringent contractual frameworks, pervades his work across his 10-year career at the charity. Above all, he values trust and efficiency in partnerships. It’s about the whole team understanding how to get the best service from suppliers for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Working with Woods Valldata

That’s what Steve particularly likes about working with the team at Woods Valldata. He’s worked with them since his first year at Macmillan and appreciates their integrity as partners. Over the years this has built a strong and stable relationship based on trust. 

Steve says: “They’re an extension of our team and we know we’ll be in safe hands with them. They listen to what we have to say and they take that all on board and make recommendations to help us get to where we want to go. They’re efficient and their compliance is excellent, especially relating to gaming. That rigor is one of the reasons we went with them in the first place.”

Advice for supporter experience professionals

Offering advice to newcomers in supporter experience, Steve highlights:

  • The importance of placing supporter experience at the core of all initiatives.
  • Making sure comms resources are always well-stocked so there’s never a delay in thanking.
  • Working with supplier partners so that they understand their role in making sure supporters receive an exceptional experience.

As Steve explains: “It’s not just another letter going out the door, but it is the experience of the person receiving that thank you that matters. That’s something Woods Valldata really appreciate.”

Steve Hubbard standing in front of a grand fireplace. Steve is wearing a grey suit and grey tie.

Steve's new chapter

As he transitions into a new phase, officially retiring but brimming with wisdom, Steve aims to extend his seasoned expertise to both commercial and third-sector organizations. With 35 years spanning diverse sectors, his insights will add significant value to teams regardless of their size or industry. If you’d like to talk to him about your charity and where he can help enhance your supporters’ experience, please contact him at sdhubbo@gmail.com 

More about Woods Valldata

At Woods Valldata we’re here for you and there for your supporters. We work in partnership with you, not just for you – and always with the closest support, a caring approach, expert guidance, and strategic advice. We’re in it with you to deliver the best possible experience for your supporters and the highest possible return for your fundraising spend. Find out more about how we deliver excellent supporter experience for our charity partners at charities@woodsvalldata.co.uk 


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